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zondag, 23 september 2007

Kevin heeft ook de dubbele eliminatie gewonnen in Brazilië en daarmee de druk op Aaron voor de 'overall' titel  vergroot. Het laatste event van de PKRA zal uitmaken wie er wereldkampioen wordt. Kevin en Aaron maken beide kans op de titel. Van 29 september tot 6 oktober is Chili het toneel voor de finale van het seizoen. 

Lees verder voor de verslagen van dag 3 en 4. 

Day 3 - PKRA - KiteXtreme Brazil World Cup 2007

Greeting the third day of the KiteXtreme Brazil 2007 kiteboarding
competition is yet another warm, sunny weather condition with occasional
cloud cover but today, the wind blew much stronger providing the much needed
fuel for some spectacular kiteboarding action. The air temperature was at a
low of 25°C (77° F) in the morning and maxed out at a punishing 36°
Celsius (96.8° Fahrenheit) particularly during mid-day. The side-onshore
wind averaged 15 knots (4 bft.) and started out strong from the start of the
competition around 13:00h and was still blowing hard until after the games
finished at 17:30h.

Men’s Double

The men’s double kicked off the third day of extreme kiteboarding
competition here in Piaui Brazil with the start of Heat #19. Tom Court
(North, UK) regained confidence and restarted his event chances with a win
over Dominican Republic champ Emmanuel Rondon (EH), nailing a kiteloop slim,
mobe and switched mobe. Rondon’s regular to switched mobe and kiteloop
handle pass weren’t enough for the judges to satisfy a win. In the second
set of the same heat, another Dominican Republic and EH rider, Ariel Corniel
also inched one notch up the ladder with a win over Jose Freires (Naish)
outclassing the Brazilian rider in all facets of judging criteria. In the
heat that followed, Julian Hosp (Best, Austria) was paired against RRD’s
live wire Tomas Teixeira Gomes (Brazil), taking out the local kiteboarding
bet with several regular to switched moves. Gomes went all out with huge and
powered tricks but crashed heavily on a few landings and got knocked out.
The Austrian champ nailed some regular to switched mobes, front mobes and
313s to seal the win. 

Heat #22 was an electrifying kiteboarding match between Alex Pastor (Naish,
Spain) and Alex Soto (Cabrinha, Dominican Republic) worthy of a semifinal
round. The Spanish ace landed a regular to switched mobe 5, a huge kiteloop
handle pass, a 313 and a blind judge with aerial handle pass. Soto equally
matched his opponents moves with a mobe 7, switched mobe 5 and a big and
powered KGB but gave up on speed while Pastor had more power with the heat
ending in a 3-2 decision in favor of Pastor. Marc Jacobs (North, New
Zealand) finally lived up to his hotshot new team member status and making
waves at the PKRA defeated Madison Van Heurck (Naish, USVI) in the second
set of the heat. The young lad from New Zealand had more variation and
unleashed plenty of powered moves on both tacks grabbing the win from the
young American.

Heat #23 became a closely-fought round of the Englishmen between Tom Court
(North) and Sam Light (Naish) who both performed extremely well in this
heat. Both athletes showed superb kiteboarding from the start of the heat
with Light throwing down a 313, slim, a huge kiteloob-backloop and a front
to blind. Court went all out matching his opponent’s moves with a regular
to switched mobe, front mobe, 313, blind judge, hasselhoff and a slim
chance. Court claimed the win on A 5-0 judges decision with more power,
variation and higher technical difficulty. Also in the same heat,
North-sponsored Cesar Portas of Spain faced Dominican Republic’s Ariel
Corniel (EH). It took the best out of Portas to defeat the PKRA Dominican
champ who is probably one of the most energetic athletes on tour today.
Corniel stomped a mobe 5, non-inverted slim, a massive kiteloop handle pass,
313, a blind judge, a tail-grab back to blind airpass, pete rose and a toe
side 360 off the kickers while Portas answered with a regular to switched
mobe, regular to switched aerial back to blind airpass, regular to switched
blind judge, a slim and a front mobe 5 to take the win.

Meanwhile, Brazilian Helio Cabrinha Da Silva (Gokite) defeated Rocky
Chatwell (Crazyfly, US) with a regular to switched slim, blind judge with
aerial handle pass and front mobe. Chatwell managed to land a kiteloop slim
and front mobe but lost through technical difficulty. In the heat that
followed, Alex Pastor (Naish, Spain) beat Jacobs who had to change kites in
the middle of the game. Jacobs landed a blind judge with aerial handle pass,
s-bend to blind with aerial handle pass, front side 360, hasselhoff and a
late mobe. Pastor rode much better nailing a regular to switched mobe 5 and
back to blind air pass plus a huge front mobe, a blind judge with aerial
handle pass, 313, kiteloop 5 and a mobe to wrapped on the buzzer to take the
win. In the second set, a closely fought heat ensued between Court and
Portas with the North kiteboarder from UK winning the heat in a 3-2
decision. Court landed a powered slim, regular to switched mobe, a blind
judge and 313 while Portas landed a regular to switched back to blind
airpass, mobe, slim, 313 and a blind judge, plus while going for a front
mobe 5, he landed two front mobes but with a fairly high kite angle.
Court’s powered tricks coupled with higher jumps gave him the win. 

In Heat #27, Russian Petr Tyuskevich (Cabrinha) barely defeated Austria’s
Michael Schitzhofer (Naish). The Austrian kiteboarder went all out nearly
landing a mobe 7 and a front mobe 5 but Tyuskevich had more moves including
a front mobe 5 that decided the game. In the last heat of the day, two
Brazilian kiteboarders went all out against each other with varying styles
to the delight of the crowd at the beach. Cabrinha da Silva went with bigger
tricks but with a high kite angle while North kiteboarding’s Reno Romeu
unleased several lower moves but high on technical difficulty and power.
Romeu got the judges vote with a regular to switched slim, mobe 5, 313, back
to blind airpass and a huge front mobe.  Cabrinha Da Silva livened up the
cheering crowd even further with his huge moves including a slim, mobe and a
huge crash on his kiteloop slim.

Women’s Double

Germany’s Susie Mai (Cabrinha) took out Brazil’s Samantha Marin (Gokite)
in heat #12 with a raley to blind, raley to wrapped and a front to blind.
Carol Homsi (North) also of Brazil went up against teammate Wiktoria Boszko
(North) in the same heat landing a handle pass but with only a raley and a
front roll, she lost with less variation to Boszko who landed a raley to
blind, raley to wrapped and a big kiteloop.

In the last heat of the day, Jalou Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) won against
Cabrinha kiteboarder Victoria Soloveykina (Russia) in a 4-1 decision.
Langeree landed a krypt to surface pass, vulcan to surface pass, raley to
blind and a big kiteloop while the young Russian stomped a krypt, front roll
and a blind judge. 

The men’s and women’s double event continues tomorrow starting at 13:00h
after the 12:30 pm mandatory skipper’s meeting with six more matches for
the women and eight for the men’s division.


Day 4 - PKRA - KiteXtreme Brazil World Cup 2007

The fourth day of intense kiteboarding competition at the KiteXtreme Brazil
2007 happening in   Luís Correia, Piauí in the northeastern coast of
Brazil gave both the spectators and everyone at the site an awesome event.
Strong 25-knot winds provided some beating to the competitors, creating
moderate waves which transformed the games into a difficult but challenging
contest. The remaining competitors – most of which are the cream of the
PKRA 2007 season, did their best and managed to overcome the weather, with
the smoldering Brazilian sun heating up the event site to a maximum of 36°C
(96.8° Fahrenheit). 

Men’s Double

The first heat of the day started at around 13:30h with the continuation of
the men’s doubles going into the final round. First up was heat #28 with
Mallory De La Villemarque (North, France) going up against Spain’s Alex
Pastor (Naish). Pastor was on a mission this time after being denied by
Hadlow the chance for a podium spot in the men’s single round last
Thursday. Pastor landed more technical moves including a front mobe 5,
regular and switched mobe, a mobe and a double handle pass while De La
Villemarque landed a regular and switched front mobe but rode with his kite
a little high and tripped up on a few landings, loosing the heat to Pastor.
In the second round of heat #28, Ruben Lenten (Slingshot, Netherlands) got
the best of United Kingdom’s Tom Court (North) and won the heat via more
powered and bigger moves. Lenten won the heat with a huge front mobe, mobe,
non-inverted slimchance and his trademark mega loop while Court tried his
best with a regular and switched mobe, kiteloop non-inverted slimchance,
blind judge and a front mobe. 

In the second round of the 29th heat, the battle of the two Brazilians and
North teammates Reno Romeu and Victor Adamo took to the waters. Romeu proved
to be the better kiteboarder this time and managed to win the heat, landing
a mobe 7. Although his kite angle was fairly high, he landed several more
powered and technical tricks to take the win. So after winning both their
respective heats, Lenten went up against Pastor next, with the Spanish
kiteboarder nailing two regular and switched moves plus a double handle
pass, winning the heat with more powered moves and technical difficulty.
Lenten equally rode well but had limited technical moves and had no switch
moves which became among the deciding factors of the heat.

Romeu went up against Russian kiteboarder Petr Tyuskevich (Cabrinha) in the
30th heat going into the final round. The Cabrinha rider lost the heat
courtesy of an all-fired up Romeu, who was the last Brazilian kiteboarder
standing and had to carry the hopes of the host country on his shoulders.
Romeu managed to pull through with a solid display of moves including a
regular and switched slim, mobe, 313 5 and a blind judge with aerial handle
pass. Tyuskevich in return, tried hard with a regular and switched slim,
mobe and KGB but lacked the power and risk factor to beat Romeu. Then in the
next heat, all hopes went down the drain for Romeu when he lost the round
courtesy of an all-fired up Pastor, who went on with another display of
powered moves and superb technical riding. A mobe 7, switch mobe 5, huge
powered front mobe, 313, blind judge with aerial handle pass and a massive
kiteloop 5 made life tough for the Brazilian who managed a slim, mobe, front
mobe, 313, blind judge with aerial handle pass and big kiteloop-backloop. 

Up next against Pastor was Italy’s Alberto Rondina (Cabrinha) who was
completely outshined in the heat with risk factors and variety. Rondina
managed to stomp some really nice moves including a mobe, hasselhoff and
s-bend to blind with air pass but were not enough to beat Pastor’s massive
kiteloop handle pass, mobe 7, slim and blind judge with aerial handle pass.
In heat #33, Alvaro Onieva (Best, Spain) came out firing against countryman
Pastor who started to show signs of fatigue and exhaustion after beating one
kiteboarder by another. Onieva nailed a massive mobe with the kite only feet
off the water and went on to land a huge kiteloop 5, a KGB and an s-bend to
blind with air pass before he took off for a front mobe and crashed his kite
into Pastor’s. In the wrong for jumping upwind of Pastor and tangling
kites, Onieva was disqualified. Pastor did managed to land a regular and
switched mobe, blind judge with aerial handle pass, front mobe and
butt-checked a mobe 7, a huge kiteloop handle pass and an s-bend to blind
with air pass.

As with any Freestyle final round, everyone was in for a show and the
Brazilian leg proved no exception. Pastor went up against the reigning world
champ Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK) in heat #34, for a chance at the top
podium spot. Pastor rode like a man possessed, running on fumes, landing a
front mobe 5 and butt-checked out of a mobe 7. Although he had a higher kite
angle on the mobe 7, he did two super technical moves. Hadlow rode fast and
with height in some moves which earned him favor for overall impression.
Pastor nailed a regular and switched mobe, regular and switched back to
blind air pass, regular and switched slim, a 313, kiteloop handle pass, a
massive front mobe off a big kicker out the back and a mobe to wrapped,
earning him favor for tech and switched moves. Although his kite angle was
higher Hadlow landed a double back to wrapped, mobe to wrapped, front mobe
to blind, a powered blind judge with aerial handle pass and s-bend to blind
with aerial handle pass, KGB, front mobe, 313 with another spin after the
pass, a mobe and a back to blind air pass. No switch moves and several high
kite angle moves proved to be Hadlow’s downfall in the eyes of the judges.
In the end Pastor won with a decision of 4-1 with greater technical
difficulties (double passes) and switch moves. 

In the final round, Pastor seemed to gave all what was left of his remaining
strength giving Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) a run for his money,
pushing the games all the way. Pastor managed to land a regular and switched
back to blind air pass along with a blind judge with aerial handle pass,
slim, mobe 5, and a backside 360 off the kickers on the inside. Langeree on
the other hand managed to do his best also, keeping his championship title
hopes alive going with his usual bag of tricks including a 313, non-inverted
slimchance, double back mobe, mobe 7, kiteloop handle pass, front mobe 5, a
huge KGB, front mobe, a back side 3 and a blind judge with aerial handle
pass with the kite just feet off the water. Langeree won with more power,
technical difficulties, height and smoother riding.

Women’s Double

In the continuation of the women’s round, Susie Mai (Cabrinha, Germany)
defeated Wiktoria Boszko (North, Poland) in heat #14 which kicked off the
women’s freestyle event. A railey to blind, front to blind, double back
and kiteloop sealed the win for the German kiteboarder. Boszko managed to
land a railey to blind and a few other tricks including a railey and vulcan,
loosing the game with less variety and risk factor. In the same heat, Jalou
Langeree (Naish, Netherlands) won over Kari Schiebevaag (Ozone, Norway) with
a big kiteloop, vulcan to surface pass and krypt to surface pass. Winning
both of their matches, Mai went on next against Langeree who won via more
variety, technical moves and powered riding, landing a krypt to surface
pass, railey to blind, vulcan to surface pass and a huge kiteloop. Mai
landed a railey to blind and a double backloop-kiteloop. Audrey Meyer told a
different story in heat #16 and struggled in the waters trying to nail her
big handle pass move and went for a few big kiteloop and a front
loop-kiteloop while her opponent Langeree, landed a blind judge, vulcan and
krypts to surface pass and a kiteloop, winning via more variety and
technical difficulty. In heat #17, Ania Grzelinska (North, Poland) ended
Langeree’s aspiration for a podium position, landing a blind judge, a huge
frontloop-kiteloop, and a krypt to surface pass. The Naish kiteboarder
landed a krypt and vulcan to surface pass but crashed her blind judge and
therefore lost out on risk factor plus with a smaller kiteloop and high kite
angle, lost on power.

In the 18th heat, Grzelinska went face to face with Gisela Pulido
(Slingshot, Spain) who landed a 313, front mobe, a sent handle pass and a
slim, winning via technical difficulty for her air pass moves against
Grzelinska’s railey to wrapped, railey to blind, back to blind and

The final round was equally a crowd pleaser as that of the men’s final
with Pulido going up against Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland) in two
heats. In the first round, Pulido landed her big moves while Winkowska
struggled to find her form of the singles. Pulido landed a front mobe, 313,
blind judge, sent handle pass and sent front mobe. Winkowska did land a slim
but crashed most of her other big moves which lead to a second round for the
overall win. 

In the second round, Winkowska opened the heat with a blind judge but again
struggled on her smallest kite to nail her big moves. Pulido on the other
hand came through like a champ and delivered well, nailing a blind judge,
slim, 313, front mobe and a sent handle pass to win the Brazilian
championship crown for the ladies.

The wind continued out strong after the final rounds which wrapped up at
around 17:00h. Afterwards, there was an expression session with the
competitors hitting the water to be filmed and photographed by the media and
crowd on the beach along with a helicopter from the sky.

Final Results:

Men’s Double:

1.    Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands)
2.    Alex Pastor (Naish, Spain)
3.    Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK)
4.    Alvaro Onieva (Best, Spain)

Women’s Double:

1.    Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain)
2.    Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland)
3.    Ania Grzelinska (North, Poland)
4.    Jalou Langeree (Naish, Netherlands)

One interesting fact of information is that if Aaron Hadlow had come in 2nd
or 1st place today he would have enough points to be crowned world champion
for the 4th time.  Kevin Langeree’s hopes are still alive so it all comes
down to the last event of the year in Chile from September 29 to October 6
for the World Championship Title.  This is the first time in PKRA history
that the world champion title will be decided on the last event.  Stay

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Rudolf said:

Zou toch supercool zijn als Kevin gewoon nummer 1 wordt...
september 23, 2007 said:


Kitesurfer Langeree wint in Brazilië
PARNAIBA - Kitesurfer Kevin Langeree heeft afgelopen weekeinde in het Braziliaanse Parnaiba zijn derde World Cup wedstrijd op rij gewonnen. Dankzij de zege houdt de Noordwijker zicht op de wereldtitel. Over anderhalve week valt in Chili de beslissing. "Eerst geniet ik nog even van deze overwinning."

De complete wereldtop bleek wederom niet in staat Kevin Langeree te stoppen. De regerend Nederlands kampioen kende een moeizame eerste ronde, maar vaarde daarna zonder moeite door naar de finale.

In de eerste finale trof Langeree wederom wereldkampioen Aaron Hadlow. De laatste vier ontmoetingen besloot de Nederlander in zijn voordeel. In Parnaiba, zo'n 450 kilometer van Fortaleza, wezen de juryleden Langeree unaniem als winnaar aan. "De wedstrijd ging supergoed", reageerde Langeree. "Ik kon veel spectaculaire 'tricks' laten zien en de sprongen goed landen."

In het kitesurfen volgt na de eerste ronde nog een herkansingsronde. Hierin wordt de winnaar nog eens extra getest. Maar wederom bleek Langeree geen problemen te hebben met zijn tegenstander. "Hadlow werd verrassend al voor de finale uitgeschakeld. Hierdoor kwam ik in de eindstrijd tegen mijn Naish teamgenoot Pastor. En wederom ging de heat super goed." Zonder problemen verzekerde Langeree zich daarmee van zijn derde World Cup zege op rij.

Door de overwinning strijden Kevin Langeree en regerend wereldkampioen Aaron Hadlow over anderhalve week in Chili voor de wereldtitel. De Engelsman staat er iets beter voor dan zijn Nederlandse concurrent. "Ik moet de wedstrijd winnen. Als Aaron dan lager dan de tweede plaats eindigt heb ik de wereldtitel te pakken", rekende Langeree. "Een raar idee eigenlijk. Ik ben in topvorm en weet dat ik de wedstrijd kan winnen. Toch heb ik ook wat hulp van buitenaf nodig. Eerst geniet ik nog even van deze overwinning."

(24 september 2007)
september 25, 2007

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